a coaching network founded

for coaches by coaches

Why Coaches Join S6CA™

Founded by coaches for coaches, the StageSix™ Coaches Alliance (S6CA™) hosts an affiliation of working Coaches from all countries. Our coaches span the field of coaching and includes life, professional and executive coaches, training and coaching service providers.


Dedicated to the highest degree of professionalism and standards in coaching, our mission is to inspire, advocate excellence, and advance the coaching profession through  education and community driven activities.


Wherever you see the S6CA™ Logo, you can be certain that it represents some of the world's best and most successful business coaches, life coaches, spiritual mentors, and coach-specific training.


The S6CA™ strives to recognize to reinforce an inquiry-based approach to coaching. We endeavour to empower our affiliated coaches to make positive, strengthening choices, enabling their clients to achieve their highest aspirations in both their personal and professional lives with integrity as a core value.


Read on to learn what joining our community can mean to you.

  • StageSix™ Business Coaches Best Practices

Learn what has made others like you successful and adopt those best practices – Within the S6CA™ there are many highly successful coaches and consultants—and most made it using different techniques, tools, and tactics. As each top performer joins the S6CA™, we all benefit by sharing those ideas. We are all independent and working in different niches, so we do not worry about competition among us.

  • StageSix™ Business Coaches Knowledge Sharing

Lift your skills from good to great in business development and delivery of services – All successful members are smart, and so are the clients we serve. But even smart people need to continuously improve, whether it is how we market and sell our services, or how we deliver our work. As members, we all coach each other (when requested) so that we each enjoy more success with less effort.

  • StageSix™ Business Coaches Client Referrals

Build relationships with people in your line of work whom you like – Business coaching and consulting as an independent can become lonely. We are the people senior executives and owners turn to, but who can we turn to? Along with the development of relationships come friendships. Some are more professional in nature; others become personal. Yet most of those in the S6CA™ for a few years or more come to truly enjoy this community.

  • StageSix™ Business Coaches Strategic Partnerships

Partner with other members to tackle bigger opportunities – Most of us love our independence and chose not to join a big firm. But as small firms, some opportunities are too large to tackle alone. With the trust that develops between veteran, high producing members comes the opportunity for collaborations on a larger scale.


Our mission at S6CA™ is that as a unified group of professional coaches inclusive of all modalities we are able to adopt the founding philosopy of never having to say no to a client again. As a group of like minded professionals we agree to knowledge share, network and refer each other to the clients who need us. We acknoledge that the needs of the client superceed any of our own individual or practices needs. We adhere to integrity and honesty as our foundation to running an ethical practice and inside the walls of this group so as to respect each other and our clients as the highest priority. This directly reflects on the industry to which we are all commited to being a part of as a collective alliance.